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Full Metal Panic's Journal [entries|friends|calendar]
Full Metal Panic

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Full Metal Panic! AMV [14 Aug 2011|05:28pm]

Made by scribefigaro.

Hope you enjoy it as much as I do!  (Spoilers for first season episodes 23 and 24.)

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New FMPanime? [21 May 2011|01:30am]

I guess it's been a bit since The Second Raid came out (I only just saw it this past year) and I haven't seen any plans to create a new FMP anime, but.... With the novels having come to a conclusion (with the exception of the spin-off), what do you think the chances of another FMP anime coming out?  Is the series still popular enough in Japan to warrant a new season?  Just curious!
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The Mitternacht Wants you! [08 Apr 2011|12:18am]

Hi guys! Long time member here. Just thought I'd pop in to promote a new RP some friends of mine have put together. It combines both LJ elements and forum-based RP play, so you get a nice mix! I think this game would be right up the FMP characters' alley! The SRT group could really clean up! Give it a look at any rate!

The Mitternacht Society
Short Trailer
Long Trailer
See the trailer!
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I love you guys for keeping the FMP! spirit alive! [21 Mar 2011|10:17pm]
[ mood | hopeful ]

This is odd...

I thought I have joined an FMP! community some time ago, but anyway, finally (officially!) adding this comm. and will do my best to contribute as an active member! (I login to LJ daily now ^_^)

I'm so happy that at least this comm. is quite one of the active ones out here!

I have something to share for FMP! fans! The FMP! rating community has finally been REVIVED and revamped, I am currently the new captain there, so if you haven't joined yet, come join the fun!


A rating/stamping comm. is where you post up your profile (application), and let ppl rate you on which character (they think) is most like you! Character with the most votes gets you a stamp of that character!

And to those who own any FMP! related communities, feel free to apply as our new affiliates there!

Hope to see some of you there. ^_^ Thanks!

(to mod, if I am not allowed to promote my FMP comm, pls lemme know!)

And btw...if you know the original creator of the current icon I'm using, pls lemme know so I can give proper credit! :D

Good day!
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[21 Feb 2011|03:40pm]

144 multi-fandom icons ☆
full metal panic!
gantz (warning: some blood/guro)
ghost trick
persona 3 & 4
puella magi madoka magica
tengen toppa gurren lagann

GET THEM HERE @ megapotions !!!
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News on the FMP novels from TokyoPop [10 Feb 2011|11:40pm]

I hadn't seen this posted here, so I thought I'd share:

Some discouraging words from TokyoPop regarding the "Full Metal Panic" novels ...

Full Metal Panic is an awesome, awesome series, and the people who've read it all seem to love it, but unfortunately, there just haven't been enough of them, and the series is reeeeally long. Unusually strong sales support for the new volume might change some minds on continuing, but with that long a series commitment to contend with, I don't know if I'd hold my breath on that front. Alas...

The entire article is here. It also details the difficulties in marketing the TokyoPop novel series and sheds some light on why they go out of print so fast.
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Novels~ [11 Jan 2011|07:04pm]

Hey, does anyone know a place I can buy the FMP 1-3(translated) novels? I tried Amazon and they wanted to charge me $40 for shopping and handling, which made me D: quite harshly. It's not listed at fishpond and out of stock in the book depositary.

I don't buy books online often, so that's where I ran out of ideas. Although at least I can pre-order a copy of End of Days on book depositary, it comes out in 21 days.

Anyone looking to sell their copies? C: If it's cheap, I can do an art request or something for you to compensate. I don't mind if it's a little damaged.

Thank you!
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Selling: FMP pinup poster! [15 Dec 2010|02:33pm]

Hi all!

I'm selling a FMP pinup poster [[ here ]]
Only 3 days till the end of auctions!

Please feel free to take a look~ Thank you!
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Doujinshis [10 Oct 2010|03:53pm]

[ mood | apathetic ]

I'm looking for two doujinshis from Fullmetal Panic, this are the names and the  mangakas are from the grupo Kinakoya. I pay with paypal:

Circle Kinakoya
Authors:Fuuma Mao, Ichijou Tenko

Himitsu no Futari
Pages: 52
Circle Kinakoya
Authors:Fuuma Mao, Ichijou Tenko



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The home stretch [06 Oct 2010|06:04am]

Hey guys! First-time poster here, but I think I come bearing something pretty important. Translations of the final novel in the FMP series, Stand By Me

Part 1

Part 2

Enjoy, everyone.
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[01 Oct 2010|08:53pm]

I've been on an FMP kick as of late, and so I've been teaching myself to draw the characters a few at a time. You'll probably be able to tell the general progression as I go from not-having refs (except when I hop back to fill empty spaces in previous pages) to finding them and hence working with them and trying to get comfortable. Some are inspired by certain episodes, but I don't think any spoil anything (in case there are folks out there like myself who detest spoilers of any kind).

Anyway, I thought I'd share the pages I had scanned so far. I plan to color some eventually, but whether or not it's a picture off these, who can say?

You lousy war-maniac!Collapse )

Oh, also, for any of you animated-icon making wizards--what kind of program or progression do you do to turn DVD clips into gifs, and is it a method compatible with Macs? I made a couple by individually screen-shotting frames from my VLC player (since DVD player disables the screenshot program) and running through Photoshop, but VLC interlaces fast-moving frames and it's aggravating. And the I get jealous looking at smooth animation in icons or just isolated loops.
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AMV [23 Aug 2010|07:49pm]

 Made this for Iron AMV at Manifest this year. It was magic VS mecha and FMP was one of our source materials. There's also sailormoon but that's awesome and we had to use it.

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f/f plz; anybody else ship Melissa/Tessa? [03 Aug 2010|09:50pm]

I'm really surprise that the fandom doesn't have more of these two, considering how much delicious subtext we got in canon. I pretty much gave up, but remember them again, when I realise the reason I got to shipping Comedian/Ozymandias so fast in Watchmen (remember that movie with the blue peen back in 2008?) was partially because imma reminded. I just really dig the dynamic, like Ep 13 "A Cat and a Kitten's Rock & Roll"...if they were both men I bet everyone would have saw it!

lol Melissa at 12:07; "I know her favourite snack, the bugs she hates, her bra size...I just don't like the way she pretends, to be strong and independent unnecessarily."

Is there an lj community? ...and dude, why did LJ lump users and comms together in the interest search...it's made it so hard for me to find stuff. ;_;
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[23 Jun 2010|08:05pm]

[ 60 ICONS ]
13 Full Metal Panic!
47 Eternal Sonata/Trusty Bell

The rest are here at castletown.
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Icons, Icons, Icons [13 Jun 2010|05:46am]

Full Metal Panic - 42
Super Robot Wars - 30


More here @ naturalperms
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Liscense Update [22 Nov 2009|04:35pm]

[ mood | happy ]

For those of you who haven't seen the news yet:

FUNimation announced on their blog that they acquired the rights to season 1 of FMP! as well as Fumoffu?, and will be releasing standard boxsets and bluray sets in 2010.



X-posted to other FMP comms. I apologize for any double posts in people's f-list

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THE SKY TIDES [03 Nov 2009|01:24pm]

a panfandom steampunk airship-centric AU RPCollapse )
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Thought I might share this... [06 Oct 2009|12:40pm]

[ mood | apathetic ]

This is a FMP AMV made by my friend Kitsunebaba:


Song: Little House by The Fray
Pairing: Sousuke and Kaname

Hope you like it!

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11 animated icons: Full Metal Panic! [06 Sep 2009|06:27pm]



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[30 Aug 2009|09:11am]

Just wanted to show off icons that I made from Full Metal Panic's 2nd season (Full Metal Panic Fumoffu).


The rest are found HERE
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